Monday, August 25, 2008

September Contest Theme --- Sleepy Heads

Yawwwwnnnn. I'm feeling very sleepy!

I know you've snapped a picture of your little one fast asleep off in dreamland. Or maybe you've caught a kodak moment with your cutie right in the middle of a yawn, or while rubbing sleepy eyes. So send your photos on in then invite your friends and family to vote.

Okay, let's see...what can I give away for all those sleepy heads??? Oh, I know, a handmade quilt! See, it's this one that the winner will get...

It's our "baby genius" quilt and is made from a wonderfully soft cotton fabric and has bright, geometric shapes that are great for stimulation for babies. Toddlers love the bright colors, too.
Thanks for Rachel for suggesting this contest theme. She will get to shop at Silly Jilly Bean and get 25% off any one item, all for just submitting the chosen theme!

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