Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still time left to vote for your favorite Kids and Pets

Only a few more days left to vote. Go pick your favorite of the seven entries of kids and pets. Scroll on down to see them all!

Monday, August 25, 2008

September Contest Theme --- Sleepy Heads

Yawwwwnnnn. I'm feeling very sleepy!

I know you've snapped a picture of your little one fast asleep off in dreamland. Or maybe you've caught a kodak moment with your cutie right in the middle of a yawn, or while rubbing sleepy eyes. So send your photos on in then invite your friends and family to vote.

Okay, let's see...what can I give away for all those sleepy heads??? Oh, I know, a handmade quilt! See, it's this one that the winner will get...

It's our "baby genius" quilt and is made from a wonderfully soft cotton fabric and has bright, geometric shapes that are great for stimulation for babies. Toddlers love the bright colors, too.
Thanks for Rachel for suggesting this contest theme. She will get to shop at Silly Jilly Bean and get 25% off any one item, all for just submitting the chosen theme!


"This is Charlotte with our dog Maggie. Charlotte is two and a half and Maggie is three. "
These two look like real snuggle buddies!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Betsy Helen (6 months) and her shadow Cookie. Cookie was the first baby of the family but she doesn't seem to mind sharing the spotlight with baby Betsy.


"This is Meredith and her dog Brownie Jane, they are best pals."
Maybe one day, little Meredith will be as big as Brownie Jane!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


"Here is Lily, she truly is an angel. She is our 5yr old border collie x spaniel and she just loves kids.
The more attention she can have the better. Truly if she had hollow bones she would fly with the way she wags her tail when she sees someone she knows or likes."
...check out the angel wings!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


"Elizabeth, 20 months, feeding Malachi, 12 years, a Milk Bone while Kathleen, 10 years, looks on..." (caption sent in by mom)
how sweet!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lulu and Lolly

Okay, this is NOT an official entry for the kids and pets contest, but I just have to share with you Lulu and Lolly. They are Maltese doggies who venture out on a road trip taking them across the USA while charging up an insane amount on their human's credit cards. It's all documented in the new 2009 calendar which you can get your own. Go here... and find out how. Also, they have so much more for doggies, and their owners, too. Plus, they do good stuff for animals shelters all around. Oh, and the have their very own Blog, actually it's called a Dlog (for Dog Log!) Be prepared to laugh because they do their doggie speak in a very comical way!


According to their mom, these little cutie pies are TRYING to get Lulu, the dog, to pose for their Christmas picture. Geez, why do some doggies have to be so darned difficult to work with?

Friday, August 1, 2008


How sweet, this little guy and a cat named Toot Toot. Wonder what they are both looking so intently at?

Baby Llama named Wally

Oh, My, Llama! It's a baby llama and his proud new owner. Actually, this is my daughter and our baby llama, Wally. This is NOT AN OFFICIAL ENTRY (so don't vote!!) but I had to share this picture. Wally was born the Friday before Mother's Day and he's such a delightful little guy.

He's growing by leaps and bounds and now eats our of our hands. Llamas by nature are very aloof animals. They want to be touched on their own terms, that is, if they are feeling like it at the moment. Don't people feel that way sometimes, too?


Congrats to our Messy Baby Contest winner. It was a close race among all of the cutie pies. Each of them made me giggle and I hope they brought a smile to your face, too.

He wins a personalized placemat, made from scratch by me! Our placemats are hand cut from a heavy-weight canvas and hemmed around the edges. Several layers of a food-safe, protective clear coat makes it a breeze to keep clean with a damp cloth. Hopefully, the placemat will aid in keeping this little guys' messes contained. Heck, you may even want to order two (or three or four or more) for your entire family!